Scouts 2013 Journal

We had a very busy month.

1. We went to Dragon 24 for the 3rd year running. This year was a vast improvement from previous years as it was dry, yep not a drop of rain for the whole 24 hours. The scouts had a fantastic time and we all enjoyed the the fireworks display.

2. The district came to a decision to link the district night hike and the Letchford first aid competition in to a camp. This proved very successful, and during September the scouts enjoyed a district camp at Wilverly camp site where both competitions are held over the weekend. We took 12 scouts and they all had a great camp. Highcliffe came 2nd in the night Hike and 4 th in the First aid.

3. The swimming Gala. the Cubs had a fantastic win and came home with the trophy for 1st place. Highcliffe group came 2nd for the group races. Although the scouts did not place we had a great time and all the scout did fantastic.

We had a request from Martin to join our scout section. Martin was with Highcliffe 20 years ago as Akela in cubs but had to retire due to work. Now Martin is retired from work he feels he is ready to join us again at Highcliffe. We look forward to Martin joining us in November as he has a lot of skills that will be very benificial to the scout section.

We lost 2 leaders due to family commitments, we will miss them as they brought lots of skills to the troop. But we also gained a new leader Ian. Ian has been i scouting for a while, growing his way through beaver, cubs, scouts and explorers. Ian is now working on his Gold D of E and to gain this he needs to complete 16 months of voluntary service. Guess which troop he chose. Yes Highcliffe scouts. I am sure the troop will learn a lot from Ian and I hope he continues with us for many years after his D of E is completed.

After we had ironed out the cous cous issue the team went to Emlyn. They coped very well during the 2 days of camping without the assistance of leaders and survived. The team did really well and brought home the 2nd place shield. WELL DONE EMLYN TEAM, VERYPROUD.

We held 2 practice camps to teach the skills needed to enter the district Emlyn competition. The scouts cooked their meal on an open fire and the first camp meal was great. But on the second camp the chosen emlyn team were left to their own devises and cooked their meal by them selves, it was an easy meal , cous cous stuffed peppers, chicken and potatoes wrapped in foil and for dessert apples with cinnamon and raisin. What could go wrong? The chicken was delicious, the apple was cooked to perfection but the starter !! the team beckoned the leaders, thy could not understand how the cous cous had not cooked properly, after some discussion we came to the conclusion that they had not pre soaked the cous cous in water which had resulted in the hard couscous. They now know how to cook cous cous.

We had a good attendance for the st George’s day parade. Keiran and Matt G had the honour of carrying the national flag and our scout troop flag.

We started our camping season this year in march and held a skills camp at the hut, we had a good number of scouts attending. The scouts enjoyed late nights watching Bear Grylls and also enjoyed cooking breakfast on an open fire. We taught skills like fire lighting and axe work and pioneering. All who attended really enjoyed the camp.