GSL & Committee

Our Group Scout Leader:

Julie Langdown is our Group Scout Leader and Juliet Gregson is the  Assistant Group Scout Leader. Both GSL’s have children within the Scout group.

To contact Julie please email

The Committee

Highcliffe Scout Group is not only made up of the the young children and leaders. Behind the scenes we also have a committee that look after the day to day running of the group and building. It is made up of 3 main bodies, chairperson, secretary and treasurer. There is also back up support of numerous committee members.

The above 3 positions are required to be filled for the group to keep running. If you have a spare couple hours once a term and would be interested in filling this role please contact any of the leaders. We do currently have a vacancy for the position of Group Secretary.

Further committee members are always welcome; this will take up a couple of evenings per term for committee meetings. If you are interested in this please contact one of the leaders.